3500nits high brightness LCD customzied

Recently we received one of customer who need to customzied 3500 nits  LCD dispaly for their VR application.

Yes, may be normally VR application dont need so high brightness, because normally person can not bear so high nits . After we knew that it is using for special person whose  eye need this brightness to check where have preblem and just only see very shot time.

Our engineers make several versions display , before we start to customize ,customers have many confuse with us , one is they never see us , so dont know whether we can do this, second ,they think we are Chinese person which can  make good quality goods ,but for technology question they think only USA or other developed country who can do this. so about those reason, our first stpe is very diffcult.  but our engineers, boss ,maneger and all of our workers dont give up ,so we decide to make a testing  to show  our customers. so our engineers use  tesing backlight tools to test the previous display which is customized 2500nits dispaly for customers , and use testing voltage and power tools to show the correct voltage and power for customers.   so customers  have a little trust for us .then they ask us to make drawing for them , our enginners aslo do it . normally customers get drawing will decide whether start to work . but this customer need us to explain and ask us to make perfect. so we have to change again and again, explain again and again.

Fianlly they decide to choice us .when us arrange our engineers to make ,then customers told us that they will need to vist our company to check how us to do , may be you have same feeling : it is a big question, because this is engineer’s workers ,how to explain.  then our company decide to have a meeting to disscuss and sloved this question. finally they think to push engineers to make quickly , so we make second versions sample on that day which customer come here . he look samples and test  is ok. after he back to offcie ,we start to make third versions display .


Here is finally versions display which meet customer’s require.


Post time: Aug-19-2019
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